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    Here at KINLY, we are all about the real, true connections between women, and that’s why we’re asking some of our favorite female duos to show us how they really live in the brand. Next up in our #CaughtinKINLY series, we’re chilling out in Los Angeles, CA with inspiring friend/co-worker duo, Mindy and Jasmine. Not only are they super-stylish, but the cross-country friendship they share goes to the core of what KINLY is all about.

    Mindy and Jasmine started as co-workers at a fast-paced start-up in NYC several years ago. “We had a few years filled with late nights and early mornings. When you work at a fast-paced company with a small team, you get to know your coworkers really quickly,” explains Mindy. But it was clear that their bond was stronger than just the usual co-worker situation. “Mindy and I instantly connected the day we met,” says Jasmine. “We can pretty much read each-other's thoughts and minds at any given moment. It's one of those connections that always picks up where it left off, which is something to be grateful for.” With an exciting new job opportunity, Mindy packed up and moved to LA—and Jasmine followed shortly after. “It just so happened that an opportunity opened up at Glo and we were brought back together again,” says Mindy. “It was a seamless transition and we feel grateful to be able to work together again.”


    Jasmine Lamb:
    Marketing Consultant
    Multi-hyphenate creative and inspiration junkie
    Los Angeles, CA

    Mindy Welford:
    Director of Digital Marketing at Glo
    Puppy mom and David Lynch obsessed
    Venice, CA

  • So how do these two spend their Sunday together? Hitting up the hotspots near Mindy’s new apartment in Venice, from the Flower Boy Coffee Shop where they like to go for “dreamy lavender lattes” to Lincoln Boulevard for its “street-meets-beach feel” to catching the sunset at the iconic Santa Monica Pier. While their friendship has only gotten stronger on the West Coast, these NYC transplants do admit they had to adjust their wardrobes. “Like any seasoned New Yorker, my entire closet was black and gray when I moved to LA,” says Jasmine. “I've slowly started to incorporate more color into my closet. Try as I might, it's harder than it looks to wear all black when the sun is shining every day!” For Mindy, whose style is more eclectic, she explains that “KINLY pieces allow me add my own style aesthetic and make each look my own while feeling like I can go from work to a happy hour with ease.”


    “I would describe my personal style as street-meets-glam. KINLY makes a great addition to my wardrobe because it provides the perfect basics to layer and add my own twist.” --Jasmine

    “We both know each other's closets pretty well so it was fun to give each other advice on what might work best [for the shoot].” -- Mindy

  • “Iconic and beautiful, we love coming by Venice Beach on warm sunny days or to catch a sunset.”

  • WEARING: Fringe Terry Blouson Sleeve Sweatshirt

    “Jasmine is my dear friend, my partner in crime at work, and my little sister AND my big sister. We lean on each other to get through tough transitions in our lives and are always offering truthful opinions and advice to one another. We are an unlikely pair and we love that.” -- Mindy