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    Here at KINLY, we are all about the real, true connections between women, and that’s why we’re inviting some our favorite duos to show us how they really live in the brand. To kick off our #CaughtinKINLY series, we’re heading to the Lower East Side with Maria and Ruta.


    Stylist and editor
    Model, actress and content creator

    Stylist, art director and content creator


    “We met at a mutual friend’s dinner party - a soiree of fellow art directors and content creators. We knew each other’s work and had an immediate bond. There is a new vibe of mutual adoration for those who ‘do it yourself’ and celebrate individual style. This is not something we take for granted, but continue to celebrate and engage in a genuine way, innovating as we go, as our collective adventures unfold.”

  • “We met at the LES (Lower East Side) for some art inspiration and excellent coffee.”

    WEARING: Wrap Jumpsuit// Striped Variegated Rib Top// Blazer

  • “The Miguel Abreu Gallery is a LES trendsetter - a show is up by the legendary Jean-Luc Godard, the director of Breathless (!)”  

  • “Everything good is in a few block radius - mainly Orchard St. for snacks and drink.”

    WEARING: Blouson Sleeve Bomber// Printed Jogger// Jogger

  • “Cafe Katja, Barrio Chino, and the best Quinoa Cookies and Almond Milk Cappuccino at the Roasting Plant.”

    WEARING: Wrap Jumpsuit// Striped Variegated Rib Top// Blazer

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